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The Curiously Strong Awards Learn More

The Altoids Curiously Strong Awards are a tribute to the stars of your social network. These distinguished friends can be unusual to say the least; but we love them because they make Facebook wonderful. Their excessive liking and ridiculous wall posts have become our escape from the monotony of the real world. Without these friends, Facebook would just be the local news.

  • 375 Awarded
    This friend updates you on every detail of their life. We don't need to know about every thought, rash, or late night encounter. But they tell us anyway.

    Do you have a friend who gives you way too much information?

  • 625 Awarded
    This friend is a model trapped in a regular person's face and body. A strip mall in Toledo feels like runways of Paris to them. They spend hours on Facebook, mostly looking at their own profile.

    Do you have a friend who posts tons of self-portraits?

  • 129 Awarded
    This real life "friend" is one of those people who is too cool for Facebook. They resist the temptation to snoop on ex lovers and somehow manage to remember birthdays all on their own. We know they secretly contemplate joining all the time.

    Do you know someone who refuses to join Facebook?

  • 507 Awarded
    Every photo this friend takes is transformed with a trippy, retro photo filter. We were almost fooled into thinking their life is more awesome than ours. Almost.

    Do you have a friend who always uses retro photo filters?

  • 135 Awarded
    This friend can't make up their mind without polling their friends. "Should I get a tattoo? What color should I dye my hair?" Why can't they use Google and their brain to make decisions like the rest of us?

    Do you know a friend whose status is always a question?

  • 614 Awarded
    When most of us grab a fork, this friend grabs their camera phone. It's a mystery how they restrain themselves from jumping face first into the deliciousness on their dinner plate.

    Do you know someone who photographs their food?

  • 390 Awarded
    This friend only cares about one thing: upping their friend count. Uncles, toll booth operators, they'll take any friend they can get. We commend them for their shameless friending, even if most of their friends couldn't pick them out of a line up.

    Do you know someone who’s a friending machine?

  • 248 Awarded
    This friend is constantly scanning old photos and posting them on Facebook. They sit at home on Friday nights listening to power ballads while pouring through old yearbooks. If you want to relive your glory days, their wall is a good place to start.

    Do you have a friend who likes to post old pictures?

  • 518 Awarded
    This friend lets us inside their soul by posting song lyrics for every status. When they're on top of the world, we get hip-hop. The week they were "no longer in a relationship," was all nineties love songs.

    Do you have a friend whose status is always a song lyric?

  • 807 Awarded
    This friend "likes" everything on Facebook. Breathing, clouds, feet, anything. We'll never know their motivation. All we know is...if they're reading this, they're going to like it.

    Do you have a friend who "likes" everything?

  • 379 Awarded
    Lurkers know every little detail about us. If it's posted, they've seen it. We don't know where they've been because they never comment or post, but they always know where we are. Always.

    Do you have a friend who silently lurks on Facebook?

  • 402 Awarded
    This friend keeps you updated on their adventures around the world. Whether it's poolside lounging with B list celebs in Miami, sherpa expeditions to the Alps, or weekends in Vienna. They never post from home, unless you consider first class airport lounges home.

    Do you have a friend who always updates from afar?